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GloboPed Heel Boot

GloboPed Heel Boot
Item# GPHB-600
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Product Description

The Bauerfeind GloboPed Heel Relief Shoe from Bauerfeind is well suited to treat diabetic heel ulcers and neuropathic heel ulcers. The shoe has a cut out for the heel which eliminates contact forces to the bottom of the heel. It features easy to close straps and a comfortable liner which provides comfortable support with walking activities. The GloboPed heel relief shoe does not have any stitching that can irritate the foot and the sole is removed from underneath the heel so as to eliminate stress as soon as the foot touches down on the ground. Walking is as easy as in a conventional shoe but without all the stress.

Bauerfeind GloboPed Heel Relief Shoe Features:

Two closure straps for easy fitting and adjustments

Relieves heel pressure - ideal for injuries and post-surgical heel conditions Reduces recovery time, promoting faster healing

Superior fit achieved with a 2 strap closure system

Provides patient with the ability to be mobile sooner

The lining is soft and has no irritating seams for optimizing comfort

Available in four sizes

The Baierfeind Globoped Heel Relief Shoe provides relief for:

Diabetic ulcers.

Heel ulcers.

Injuries to the heel area.

Post-surgical conditions