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GloboPed Forefoot Orthosis

GloboPed Forefoot Orthosis
Item# globoped-forefoot-orthosis
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Product Description

The Bauerfeind loboped GForefoot Relief Shoe is designed to treat diabetic ulcers and neuropathic forefoot ulcers. The orthosis is made out of a comfortable fabric liner which is soft against the skin and features seamless construction to not irritate your skin or bandages. The shoe has the front half cut off which produces an earlier roll-off back underneath the arch which reduces stress underneath the front half of your foot where the metatarsals and toes are located. The three closure straps provide quick and easy fitting adjustments both for patients and care givers. The Forefoot Relief Shoe allows for early mobility training and has an adjustable/removable shield to protect the toes from scrapes and foreign objects. The shield is both heat moldable and detachable to suit a wide range of applications. The product can be used for injuries, as well as, post surgical recovery where early ambulation might normally be postponed.

Bauerfeind Globoped Forefoot Relief Shoe Features:

Relieves forefoot pressure by encouraging roll-off sooner which reduces forefoot pressures.

Available in four sizes

Ideal for injuries and post-surgical conditions.

Reduces recovery time, promoting faster healing.

Superior fit achieved with a 3 strap closure system.

Provides patient with the ability to be mobile sooner.

The lining is soft and without any seams for optimal comfort.

The shield is from ABS and is heat-moldable. It is detachable and can later be inserted using the drill holes located in the sole.

The shield helps to protect the foot from touching foreign objects.

The Bauerfeind Globoped Forefoot Relief Shoe can be used to provide support and relief from the following:

Diabetes mellitus ulcers.

Neuropathis forefoot ulcers.

Injuries of the forefoot.

Post-surgical forefoot conditions.

Rheumatic feet.