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Evenup shoe lift

Evenup shoe lift
Item# evenup-shoe-lift

Product Description

Evenup shoe lift

Evenup is a temporary shoe lift designed to compensate for the induced leg length discrepancy caused by fracture boots and wound healing shoes.

Walking with legs that are unequal in length can cause knee, hip,and back pain. Evenup helps prevent back, hip and knee pain by allowing you to walk more balanced and function comfortably.

Evenup comes in four sizes Small -Medium - Large - XLarge, fits either the left or right foot and is adjustable to two heights.

Evenups are recommended for use with laced oxford or sneaker.

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Evenup Optional 3rd layer

Evenup optional 3rd Layer adds 1/2 inch layer to achieve 1 1/2 inches total when added to the Evenup.

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